Scottish History

Scottish History


This series of articles will seek to provide a background to Scottish History and the development of modern Scottish Society.

Scottish history is shaped by the geography and topography of Scotland. Throughout its history these factors have combined with historical factors and events to ensure its survival often in the face of overwhelming odds. The latest manifestation of this is the struggle that has gathered pace from the 1920’s onwards. This was first of all to confirm  its continued existence and then from the 1960’s onwards to ensure its re-emergence as a prosperous, modern and independent state. This has provoked some bafflement amongst outside observers as to how Scotland has managed to survive as a viable political entity. The secret underpinning this survival lies in the factors outlined in the next few pages. That is its topography and geography and in its history of surviving fierce and persistent assaults by outside aggressors over the centuries. Though there many such instances of lesser importance , the most transformative occasions in Scottish history were those outlined below.

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