The Geography of Scotland



Scotland makes up a third of the island of Great Britain. It has 790 islands mainly in the Shetland, Orkney and Hebrides islands. It is bounded in the east by the North Sea and in the west by the Atlantic Ocean. It is split in to a highland and lowland zone along the Highland Boundary Fault. The bulk of the population lives in this lowland zone mainly in the central belt between the Firth of Clyde and of the Forth. Scotland has six cities of which Glasgow with a population of 593000 is the largest and Edinburgh, the capital city is the second largest with a population of 487500. Much of Scotland is mountainous with the highest mountain being that of Ben Nevis at a height of 1,344 metres(4,409) feet. This makes it one of the ‘Munros’, that is one of the mountains over 3000 feet(914.4 metres) of which there are 284 in Scotland. The coastline of Scotland is 6,160 miles (9,910) kilometres long.

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