A Background to Scotland


Population  : 5,295,000

Capital         : Edinburgh

Land Mass  : 78,772 square km(30,414 square miles)

Largest City : Glasgow

After a long period of being in the background, Scotland has now re-emerged and is now firmly in the world’s attention again. Scotland is a small country but one which has a unique culture along with a rich history and a beautiful landscape.  It has produced many famous people, many of these influential scientists and inventors which have greatly contributed to the development of the world in the last few centuries. This was particularly true of the eighteenth century when the Scottish Enlightenment produced many of these ideas which created the modern world. This website is designed to be used a general source of information for present day Scotland, its history, culture and landscape amongst other things which will be split in to inter-related sections. In particular this site will also seek to provide all aspects of Scotland preventing the users from having to go to many different websites to obtain the information which can be accessed through this site. This site will also include links to the relevant websites covering such areas as travel, tourism and leisure facilities. Please send me your comments about this site and I will endeavour to reply to them as quickly as possible.

The topics or any part of them can be reproduced as long as credit is given.

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