The Present Era of Change



As stated earlier the present manifestation of this process of Scottish history is the struggle that has gathered pace from the 1960’s onwards to first of all confirm Scotland’s survival as a political entity and then to ensure its re-emergence as an independent, modern and prosperous state.  There was an increasing  effort to move from being part of an Anglo-UK entity to that of a Scottish one combined with a political attempt to move towards being an Independent Social democracy on the Scandinavian model and away from the present orthodoxy of the neo Liberal consensus in the Anglo-Saxon world. The move to this model from the 1960′s onwards by an ever-increasing proportion of the Scottish population meant that there would be conflict with the previous political entity and this has continued in the intervening period. The decisive moment in this saga has been the reconvening of the Scottish Parliament which in the last eighteen years has greatly facilitated the progress towards an Independent state.

Though it often baffles observers as how Scotland has managed to survive as a viable political entity; the reasons for this lie in the factors outlined in the previous pages . That is primarily in the use of geography and topography to ensure an extraordinary ability to survive ferocious and persistent assaults by outside powers over the centuries.


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