The Jacobite Era and the End of the Stuart Dynasty


The Battle of Culloden 1746


The period from the overthrow and defeat of King James VII in 1689 to the final defeat of the Stuart forces in 1746 is known in Scottish history as the Jacobite era from the Latin form of the name James, Jacobus. Though King James’s forces under John Graham, Viscount Dundee won an impressive victory at the Battle of Killiecrankie in 1689, Dundee’s death in the battle deprived the Jacobites of effective leadership and meant their cause was eventually lost. Opposition was further muted by the fact that both James VII’s daughters, Mary and Anne inherited the throne in turn and it was not until 1715 that the Jacobites felt able to attempt the restoration of James’s son James Francis Edward but again failing in their aims.  It only after another thirty years that a further serious  attempt was made to restore the Stuart monarchy in the shape of James’s son, Charles Edward Stuart. However this attempt again failed, being finally defeated by the Hanoverians at the Battle of Culloden in April 1746. This ended any realistic hopes that remained of restoring the Stuart dynasty to the throne. The last of the direct male of the Stuarts died in 1807 without heir.


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