The Stewart Dynasty


The Royal Standard of Scotland

The Royal Standard of Scotland


This series of Pages will seek to describe the effects of the Stewart Dynasty (later changed to Stuart) on Scotland over the centuries, seeking to illustrate it’s often neglected role in shaping Scottish history and society. It is often difficult to get an accurate impression of their failures and achievements as a dynasty given the often violent anti-Stuart propaganda which has continued to be espoused since their ultimate demise over two hundred years ago. This combined with an over romanticization of their attempts to recover the throne further disguises their true effects on Scottish history.  From relatively humble origins as incoming Anglo-Norman knights they rose through the medieval society of the time, first through the royal household then through marriage and acquisition. Backing Robert Bruce in the Wars of  Independence they eventually gained the Scottish throne. Success followed for centuries until their next step in to England totally failed, producing their expulsion from both kingdoms and the destruction of Scotland as a political entity in its own right.


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