Scottish News 3


Despite escaping the depredations of privatisation that has afflicted the English NHS,  the Scottish NHS is facing several challenges in the coming years. First and foremost is the aging population which is placing an ever greater burden on the NHS.  This is manifested in several different ways including the difficulty for older people in accessing medical services due to increasing waiting lists and even in travelling to where they can be obtained. New methods and procedures will have to be found such as elderly people being  treated and supported at home rather than having to travel to such institutions as hospitals which are difficult for them to access.  Another problem on is the present over concentration on the use of medical drugs to the detriment of preventive medicine such as the provision of proper diets and fitness regimes. There is also the problem that has been there for many years namely the lack of morale and purpose in certain sections of the NHS. This will be a difficult problem to tackle but it is an urgent problem that must be addressed. The Scottish NHS will also face the problem of a declining budget as the amount spent in England diminishes which will directly affect the amount spent on the NHS in Scotland. Again planning should begin as soon as possible to address this problem.