Scottish Celebrations


                                                                                       Scottish Celebrations


One of the main Scottish Holidays and celebrations is the festivities to mark the New Year known as Hogmanay. A major part of this celebration is First Footing, that is when a tall dark male should enter a house just after midnight bearing a gift of coal, shortbread or whiskey usually. Thus ensuring good fortune for the house in question and that its inhabitants would have enough to sustain for the coming year and remain safe during that time. As well as First Footing it is also common to have a Ceilidh, that is a traditional gathering involving the playing of Scottish folk music and dancing. This is ended by the singing of the famous Robert Burns song ‘Auld Lang Syne’ or ‘Old Long Ago’.

Another festival is Burns Night held on or around the 25th January of each year. This is where Scots throughout the world celebrate the life and work of the poet Robert or Rabbie Burns in what is known as “the Burns Supper”. Central to this is the recitation of the Burns poem ” the Address to a Haggis” which is followed by the serving of the main course of Haggis helped down by whiskey.

Though still of lesser importance than the two festivals above St Andrew’s Day celebrations have been growing in popularity over the past few years. The St Andrews celebrations take place every 30th November.


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